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Android Tablets to catch up the iPad in 2015

Informa has published its findings that Android tablet sales will close in on the mighty iPad by 2015. It says Apple currently has 75% of the market but this will drop to 39% in 2015. By contrast, Android will gain 38% market share, getting neck and neck. This will be…

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Android displaces Symbian in UK smartphone market – Comscore

Wasn’t it Churchill who said ‘The only statistics you can trust are those you’ve made up yourself’? Well, having set that context of statistical skeptitude, here’s news that Android’s share of the UK smartphone market has grown 634 per cent year-on-year! Big numbers come…

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Android to command nearly half of worldwide smartphones – Gartner

Worldwide smartphone sales will reach 468 million units in 2011 (a 57.7% increase from 2010, according to Gartner) and Android is set to become the most popular operating system (OS) worldwide – it will account for nearly half of the market if you believe Gartner’s figures.

“By 2015, 67…

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