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Microsoft simplifies porting Android apps to Windows 10

App deficit is the term, and it refers to the ever widening chasm of choice between apps on Microsoft’s mobile platform and those available on iOS and Android app stores.

Microsoft’s attempts to address this surfaced at MWC 2015 earlier this year, but now the Redmond giant has…

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Microsoft enters Sharks Cove for Intel-based driver development

Should flag this one for the record. Microsoft, and Intel and CircuitCo, have announced (for pre-order) Sharks Cove, a Windows-compatible devboard for developers to build and test drivers. See DevBoard Watch: Microsoft swims into Sharks Cove with Windows dev board.

Why mention it on an Android blog? The…

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Microsoft turns off Android for Nokia X smartphones

A few days before it completed its move to Microsoft back in February, Nokia – after many rumours – finally embraced Android with new X, X+ and XL phones.

Well, it seems Microsoft has now performed an about turn…

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Microsoft adds Motorola Solutions to its list of Android licensors

I try to keep track of the companies signing up for Android-related licensing agreements with Microsoft. Patent protection is how I think of it. Well, to the list of the likes of HTC, Nikon and Dell, we can now add Motorola Solutions.

Thank you to The Register for pointing…

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