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NFC to be victim of Great Game between Android and Apple?

Just to flag an interesting comment piece from the News section, which covers the issue of mobile payments technology and whether NFC will be pipped at the post when it comes to mass adoption – see NFC and mobile payments – always a bridesmaid never a bride

Is NFC finally going to…

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Android KitKat powers NFC and Host Card Emulation

Meant to flag this one before, it seems Visa and MasterCard are beginning to allow their cards to be stored in the cloud to enable NFC-based payments, i.e. consumers in stores touching their smartphone to a reader. This means Android (and BlackBerry) smartphones, given the iPhone’s lack…

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PayPal launches NFC Android-to-Android payments

Tap the phones to make a payment… PayPal is enabling new NFC-based peer-to-peer payment functionality for Android users, reports Reuters. People will be able to transfer funds to each other simply by tapping two Near Field Comms-enabled devices together. The agency reports that the payments will…

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