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Android Pay launches, in the United States

Just to record the official start of Android Pay, for mobile-based contactless payments. Google has launched the system in the US, but with no word of the rollout to other territories, such as the UK…

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Dimple customises your own Android NFC buttons

Thanks to GizMag for highlighting this one – the Dimple customisable Android NFC buttons. Put the sticker on the back of your phone, customise the use of the buttons and away you go via NFC comms, for example, launching a particular app, controlling music, or instantly take a photo…

The stickers…

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NXP integrates PN547 NFC controller with Android 4.4

Meant to cover this one before (How often do I say that? Better late than never…). Coming out during Mobile World Congress, it’s a development that involves Android and NFC. And NXP.

NXP Semiconductors has updated its PN547 NFC controller to work with Android 4.4 “KitKat”.

Benefits claimed…

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NFC to be victim of Great Game between Android and Apple?

Just to flag an interesting comment piece from the News section, which covers the issue of mobile payments technology and whether NFC will be pipped at the post when it comes to mass adoption – see NFC and mobile payments – always a bridesmaid never a bride

Is NFC finally going to…

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Google Wallet payment app bypasses NFC

I’ve been trying to keep an eye on NFC on Android – it is one of the differentiators for the platform – and here is some related news (from CNet and Verge and various places)…

The Google Wallet payment app – which currently only works within the US – used to use NFC…

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NFC wirelessly powers bistable ePaper

Here’s an interesting one, highlighted by – it’s using an (Android) smartphone to drive a separate display, powered by harvesting energy from the NFC comms themselves.

Bistable displays are essentially static displays that require power to change, offering the promise of perpetual operation with zero added power…

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Sony says it’s time for the Android-friendly SmartWatch 2

Sony has lifted its shirt cuff to reveal… the SmartWatch 2, an updated version of its Android-friendly, wrist-based computing device.

Key features include splash proofness, NFC support, and a slightly larger display (a 1.6in transflective LCD, 220×176 pixels), for this self-dubbed ‘second screen’ for Android devices…

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Read your UK Passport with NFC

Here’s a bit of a strange one, but it features Android and NFC so it caught my attention. It’s on The Register – Home Office boffins slip out passport-scanning Android app

Basically it’s a newish app that uses NFC to process info from the chip in your…

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Samsung NX2000 snaps Android style

We’re talking a 3.7-inch WVGA touch screen. We’re talking NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity. We’re talking an Android SMART App. Yes, we’re actually talking about a camera, the slim compact Samsung NX2000, which has just been announced…

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