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Intel compiler targets Android OS

Intel has released its C++ Compiler v13.0 for Android OS, highlights The Register, targeting Android Native Development. Intel promises “Industry leading app performance on Intel processor-based Android devices”.

Android Native Development is the means by which you can develop parts of your Android application using code other than…

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Speed of innovation needed for in-car apps

If automotive is your beat, you may be interested in this one. SBD, consultants in automotive technology, have produced a new report – Choosing the right OS strategy for incar Apps. They look at OEM trends and the options faced by OEMs in developing app platforms.

The autors, Andrew Hart and…

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Poll: Tempted by Facebook Home?

An obvious question to ask, given last week’s announcement of the tie-up between Facebook and HTC for Facebook Home, the customised family of Android apps… So, what did you think? Is it what you’ve been waiting for? Looking forward to “Chat Heads” and other social messaging content…

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Poll: Time for a smart watch?

The recent post Google checks time on Android smart watch? prompts an obvious Poll. What are your thoughts on computationally advanced horological devices? Tempted by the prospect of a neat bit of kit, on your wrist?

Are you tempted by a Smart Watch?

Poll: Time for a smart watch…

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Android Case Study: Android versus iOS – App revenue potential

Welcome to another in the new series of Eyes on Android posts that will highlight particular case studies involving the mobile platform. This one considers the usage and revenue potential of apps on Android with comparison to Apple’s iOS (iPhone OS)…

Specifically, Spacetime Studios has made the Pocket Legends…

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Analysts comment on Android implications of Motorola deal

Lots of voices are sharing opinions about the Google-Motorola deal and its impact on the future development of Android, particulalry for rival handset manufacturers like LG or HTC.

Take this latest comment from analysts IDC, which sees the Windows Phone OS as a beneficiary, with the likes of Sony…

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FTDI supports the Android Open Accessories initiative

Future Technology Devices International (FTDI) has said it will support the Android Open Accessories initiative, which incorporates designers of tablets and smartphones based on Google’s operating system.

“The company will provide support for the initiative in both the Vinculum II dual USB host/device controller IC and the low…

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