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Samsung Galaxy shows signs of imploding?

Interesting. I wrote last week about the fast expanding Galaxy range – see Samsung Galaxy expands – and maybe the constellation of devices is expanding too fast. Reuters is reporting that Samsung Electronics lost $12 billion in its market value at the end of last week. The news agency says the company…

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Samsung Galaxy expands

How many stars are there in our galaxy? Not as many as the phones, tablets and phablets in the Samsung Galaxy range… (boom, boom)

It’s getting hard to keep up with all the Samsung releases, with the last week alone bringing news of the Galaxy S4 Mini, the Galaxy…

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Samsung App Challenge strikes info-sharing Chord

Samsung is launching its Smart App Challenge 2013, a (global) compo for the best Galaxy S4 apps. Specifically, the apps must make use of the Samsung Chord SDK, “which allows app developers to build local information-sharing applications without detailed knowledge of networking”.

Features of the real-time info sharing…

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