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Android screen sizes steadily increasing

“Chart of the Day” they dub it, and this one shows that Android users increasingly favour bigger screens. documents the increasing trend towards larger screen among Android users.

Whereas the predominant size of screen (61%) was 4.0-4.4-inch, in the three months ending June 2012…

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NFC wirelessly powers bistable ePaper

Here’s an interesting one, highlighted by – it’s using an (Android) smartphone to drive a separate display, powered by harvesting energy from the NFC comms themselves.

Bistable displays are essentially static displays that require power to change, offering the promise of perpetual operation with zero added power…

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Time for Android to secure its reputation with direct-to-user updates?

This one caught my eye on ZDNet – Android should embrace a Windows-style security update model. I was jolted by the idea that an essentially Linux-based system had anything to learn from the notoriously vulnerable Microsoft systems.

But Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols makes some good points, and addresses the…

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Sharp NFC payments with RW-T107 Android tablet

We’ve touched on Android and NFC before, and here is a further development. In Japan, Sharp is releasing its Android tablet complete with an NFC reader to accept payments… Engadget writes…

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Honeycomb grows, Froyo rules – Android platform stats updated

Don’t know if you are aware of a couple of interesting pages on the site breaking down latest Android handset stats: * Platform Versions (relative number of active devices running a given version of the Android platform) * Screen Sizes and Densities (data about the relative number of active…

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Samsung to go glasses-free Android 3D

What Android needs is 3D displays. So believes Samsung, according to Everybody knows the South Korean “chaebol” is majoring on 3D, and plans are apparently afoot for an Android-based 3D smartphone before the end of the year. This is not as startling as first sounds, as LG…

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MIPS chip passes Android compatibility test

With Qualcomm, TI and Nvidia chips based on ARM, the UK company is dominating Android offerings, with the industry still waiting for an Intel offering…

But in the meantime MIPS is also there. The Register reports that a processor based on the MIPS architecture has passed the Android Compatibility Test…

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Android to command nearly half of worldwide smartphones – Gartner

Worldwide smartphone sales will reach 468 million units in 2011 (a 57.7% increase from 2010, according to Gartner) and Android is set to become the most popular operating system (OS) worldwide – it will account for nearly half of the market if you believe Gartner’s figures.

“By 2015, 67…

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