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Poll: Time for a smart watch?

The recent post Google checks time on Android smart watch? prompts an obvious Poll. What are your thoughts on computationally advanced horological devices? Tempted by the prospect of a neat bit of kit, on your wrist?

Are you tempted by a Smart Watch?

Poll: Time for a smart watch…

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Poll: Alternative platforms poised to rival Android

Mobile World Congress was full of Android-related developments, of course, but it was also a chance to showcase alternative mobile platforms from the likes of Mozilla (Firefox OS) and Samsung (Tizen). And previously, Canonical has thrown its Ubuntu hat into the smartphone and tablet ring…

“Firefox’s arrival indicates…

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Poll: Ubuntu for Phones

The topic for this week’s poll – the first of 2013 – falls in to my lap with the announcement of Ubuntu for phones. See Ubuntu for phones leverages Android drivers

Your thoughts on this Cannonical development, and its vision of an OS that can run on everything, from a phone…

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Splashtop app gives remote Ubuntu access

If you run an Ubuntu Linux system at home, this one may interest you. Splashtop has created a remote desktop app for Android (and iOS) devices that lets you communicate with your home PC. Splashtop 2 is the app – in beta, reports ZDNet – and Splashtop Streamer for Linux is the…

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