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Android blog explains What is...?

What is... Android Advertising ID?

I read an article recently – Amazon Mobile Ad Network…Now Supports Android Advertising ID – that referred to an Android Advertising ID. What’s that, I wondered? Time for another in our What is…? series…

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What is... BlueDroid?

At a recent Android-related press briefing by Bluetooth specialists CSR (see VibeHub makes itself at home for audio) there was mention of BlueDroid. This was new to me – time for another in our What is…? series! BlueDroid In a nutshell, “BlueDroid” is the Android Bluetooth stack implementation, used by…

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What is... a GATT Service?

I was writing up the new features of the recently released Android 4.3 and came across support for Bluetooth Smart and mention of GATT  and a Generic Attribute Profile… But what is GATT and what are GATT Services? Time for another in our What Is…? series. Not specifically part…

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What is... Security Enhanced (SE) Android?

When writing up the Samsung KNOX release recently – it’s a means of managing secure data access, in a corporate environment – the company stated it was built upon Security Enhanced (SE) Android. What is that, I wondered? Time for another in our What is…? series, looking at aspects of Android…

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What is... the Android Sensor Manager?

One of the things that make a smartphone smart is its ability to detect movement, orientation and aspects of its environment (temperature or humidity). Tilt it, twist it or shake it and a smartphone app can possibly detect the movement and display application appropriate responses. What that is exactly will…

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What is... Butter?

Butter? Why was Google’s performance optimisation of the Android interface called Project Butter? Grease, perhaps, as in greased lightning, but butter? Bread and butter? Butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths? The answer of course is ‘smooth as…’ The idea was to take a functionally operating system (Ice Cream…

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What is... Open Accessories Mode?

We recently wrote about USB chip specialist FTDI’s progress into Android, supporting – via open accessory mode – connecting an Android device to peripheral hardware over USB. It immediately provoked the question, what exactly is Open Accessories Mode? How exactly would your Android phone control, for example, your customised home gadget…

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What is... Anymote?

This one cropped up at Apps World in a presentation on app testing. What is Anymote I asked myself? Time for another in our What is… series (heavily relying on the info already available on Basically we are the region of Google TV…

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