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Archive for September, 2007

Top 10 Most Read Blog Entries

September’s list of Top 10 Most Read Blog Entries proved to be a mixed bag.

Leading the charge was Steampunk Workshop’s keyboard makeover, followed by a device created to help minimise car damage and to make parking your car in the garage a little bit easier.

1. Retro…

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Guido knew the secret to a perfect cuppa

It’s all in the timing So he designed a battery-powered tea timer with a built-in LED display that will brew a perfect cup of tea every time. It’s simple: just fix a tea-bag on the tea timer’s extension arm, place a mug of hot…

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When high fashion meets electronics engineering

At the height of her career, Marlene Dietrich – that famous woman in trousers – said, ‘I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for fashion, not for men.’

In an age where skinny jeans reign, and thousands flock to Top Shop hoping to emulate the style…

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iPhone to reach UK in November

One of the most hyped products in recent years, the Apple iPhone, is set to reach British shores in November.

This week Apple head honcho Steve Jobs confirmed UK customers will be able to get their hands on the device that contains everything but the kitchen sink.

Speaking to the…

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New Apple iPod interface fan club

If there’s one person who won’t be the first in line to start the new Apple iPod fan club, it’s fair to say it will be Kirk McElhearn. “I got my new 160 GB iPod classic today. I like it; a lot. I like its feel, all…

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Ken put an end to expensive car damage

Not satisfied with the low-tech method of suspending a tennis ball from a string, Ken Swanstrom devised a better garage locator device from a laser pointer. This simple circuit is powered by a 6V DC wall wort, adjusting the output to yield 3V DC as a substitute for battery…

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The not-so-bright LED night light

From our sister publication Made by Monkeys, a tale of what happened when engineer Dave Johnson felt ripped-off by the purchase of a cheap LED night light. He reconfigured the circuit and turned it into a much more expensive one – but at least it works.

In a perfect world…

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Build a 7×7 monochrome LED display

Here is the circuit schematic as well as build instructions and parts list for an easy to build 7×7 LED matrix. The 7×7 monochrome LED display comes into its own when showing animations. The link shows the circuit schematic is quite simple. All you need is an AVR, a few…

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