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Hauntbox, the personalised poltergeist controller

HauntboxLIke the name. Hauntbox is described as an open source hardware prop controller, but it suggests a personalised pranking poltergeist controller!

It was an Arduino-based project featured on KickStarter, and its creators write:

The Hauntbox makes physical things happen based on inputs from sensors in the real world. Adding automation to your haunts and other projects is now incredibly simple.

The Hauntbox is a prop controller and automation machine that is browser-configured, open source and Arduino-compatible. It’s cool because you can automate inputs and outputs with no programming!

It supports up to 6 inputs and 6 outputs, which can be controlled via a browser configurable page – in the settings page you setup your inputs and outputs, name them, and set what voltage they run on and their minimum retrigger time…

What can you control with your Hauntbox?

  • Halloween props
  • any 120V AC device up to 15A via a PowerTail
  • relays (allowing much higher power items such as pumps, wiper motors, etc)
  • sound effects
  • solenoids
  • LEDs
  • lighting
  • strobes
  • black lights
  • air blasters
  • linear actuators

Read more on KickStarter and their website »

[Via GadgetShow]

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