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Reusing retired gadgetry for home automation

Thanks to Jimmy C for highlighting this one – Top 10 Ways to Turn Your Retired Gadgetry into the Technology of the Future

Retro technology with a green twist (re-use is always better than recycle). What’s not to like?

For example, #9 is Create a Wireless Internet Radio from…

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Android roundup – from RioT devboards to LG watches

Just ahead of a new competition, let’s do a roundup of Android posts (there’s a general clue there about the prize that’ll be on offer!) that have featured on Gadget Master in the last year or so.

Gadget Watch: Samsung Galaxy S5

Fifteen new things in Android…

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Tearing down the Samsung Galaxy S5

It doesn’t take the guys at iFixit long to teardown the latest piece of high-tech kit. The Galaxy S5 – Samsung’s flagship Android-based smartphone – is no exception.

It was first unveiled at Mobile World Congress back in February, but hit UK highstreets 11 April.

Check out their…

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Picture of the Day: Titan Aerospace solar powered drones

Why are we featuring this futuristic system, a solar powered drone that can fly nonstop for years?

Because Google has beaten off interest from Facebook to buy Titan Aerospace, the company behind the spectacular drone technology. The very high end of gadgetry!

Following its balloon-based Internet connectivity and driverless…

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Gadget Book: Raspberry Pi Projects for Kids

Happy to flag this one – a new book that may be of interest to younger Gadget Masters: Raspberry Pi Projects for Kids, written by Daniel Bates, a Computer Science researcher at the University of Cambridge.

The publishers, Packt Publishing, write:
This handy guide will launch you into the world of…

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Raspberry Pi Compute Module plugs into PCB design

Here’s an interesting one. The people behind the Raspberry Pi have announced the arrival of a Compute Module, taking the Pi system in a more industrial, professional direction.

Basically, the core technology of a Pi has been repackaged and released into the world in a new form, for those…

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Make It Wearable says Intel competition

Have you got a wearable technology project up your sleeve? May you will be interested in a competition being run by Intel – Make It.

It’s a global year-long initiative sponsored by Intel intended to help the evolution of wearables. It’s aimed at students, designers, engineers, and makers…

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Python powered percussion with the Raspberry Pi Glockenspiel!

Thanks to for highlighting this one, a Raspberry Pi-powered Glockenspiel machine! The software is written in Python, using the GPIO on the device.

The Gadget Master in question is one Ivan Roulson.

Liz Upton writes:
Ivan took that sad glockenspiel home and gave it a Pi for…

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The MagPi finds more energy with solar tracking

Check out the latest issue of  The MagPi, the magazine devoted to all things Raspberry Pi. The latest issue, for April, is number 22 and it’s available for free download.

This month it features the “Reflective Solar Tracker”, a solar cell with a Raspberry Pi that helps to improve…

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Electric-powered trike drifting is born to be wild

Get your motor runnin’, Head out on the highway
Lookin’ for adventure, And whatever comes our way
[Steppenwolf, Born to be Wild]

Trike Drifting is a new one to me, but thanks to Sue P for highlighting it, raising a smile on a Friday.

Gizmag writes:
A conventional drift trike…

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