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PiFace Relay+ and MotorControl competition

Time for another Gadget Master competition. It’s well overdue!

The Raspberry Pi always proves popular, so how about a chance to get your hands on a PiFace Relay+ and PiFace MotorControl Extra. We have fifty of these pairs of kit to give away, in association with Farnell element14.


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Swapping phone modules to go live with Project Ara

Swap in a camera, swap out music speakers, and extra battery packs, and how about fitting a better display…

Modular phone blocks becoming a working system? Who would have thought it?

We first gazed in (disbelieving) curiosity at the concept of phone blocks back in September 2013, and then heard…

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Gadget Book: Make – Getting Started with Sensors

Here’s a book that caught my eye for budding Gadget Masters – Make: Getting Started with Sensors.

With the strapline “Measure the World with Electronics, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi”, it’s a very accessible, step-by-step introduction to using sensors in projects using Arduino and Raspberry Pi kit.


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Connected Cycle pedal – anti-theft and pro-stats

We like to cover cycling devices on Gadget Master, so how about this prospective Connected Cycle pedal? It is described as “the first connected pedal” no less, by its Paris-based inventors.

As well as being an anti-theft device – the bike owner is notified when the bike is moved…

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Gadget Watch: Jack Wi-Fi guitar lead

Ingenious Audio is an Edinburgh-based startup behind “the first guitar device to stream over Wi-Fi”. The team have been showing off their power chords in CES, marking the launch of their product on KickStarter.

Basically, “Jack” is a wireless guitar lead that works over Wi-Fi. Switch it…

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Gadget Watch: Toshiba new generation solid state hybrid drives

Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced its new solid state hybrid drive (SSHD) series, using second-generation NAND flash memory.

The new MQ02ABD100H SSHD (aimed at high-performance and gaming PCs) has a 1TB capacity in a drive 9.5mm high and the MQ02ABF050H (for ultra-thin or ultra-portable computing…

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The weird and the wonderful world of CES 2015

I must do a quick roundup of some of the weird and wonderful gadgets and technology being showcased at CES 2015, currently underway in Las Vegas

How about the Android oven (see right) that accepts remote smartphone control? Dacor embedded an Android display in the Dacor Discovery IQ Wall Oven…

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