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Tearing down the iPhone 6

Good old iFixit. They don’t hang around to tear things down – it hasn’t taken much time to get to grips with Apple’s new iPhone 6 smartphone…

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Make your own Bluetooth Smart beacons with Estimote Stickers

This one caught my eye – relatively cheap stickers from Estimote that can act as Bluetooth Smart beacons.

“Nearables” is the phrase because they can push contextual data to apps running on a Bluetooth Smart Ready device, which means just about any smartphone nowadays…

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Picture of the Day: Apple Watch

“All watches tell time. This one helps you make the most of it.” This is the Apple line for its long-awaited, much rumoured entry into the wrist-based, wearables market…

Welcome the Watch (not iWatch!). Has Apple cracked the Watch display?

A picture tells a thousand words, and everyone…

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Gadget Watch: Sony Walkman NWZ-A17 Hi-Res Audio

It’s not so long ago we highlighted Neil Young’s resolutely high-end audio portable player, the KickStarter-funded PonoPlayer. Well, it’s now got competition from Sony.

Emerging under the Walkman branding, as you would expect, the NWZ-A17 is aimed at audiophiles and is described by Sony…

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DevBoard Watch: TI wireless haptic development kit

Texas Instruments today introduced what it describes as the industry’s first wireless haptic development kit – the TI Haptic Bluetooth Kit, DRV2605EVM-BT.

The wireless comms are via Bluetooth Smart, and the kit lets you create particular haptic sequences and LED patterns for tactile feedback, notifications and alerts. These are…

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Picture of the day: Disney drones to entertain with flexible displays

Disney World to become Westworld?

UAVs, eh? One day they will torment and enslave us, but for now they just seem interesting for their electronics possibilities…

What could be more harmless, for example, than a day out in Disney’s Magic Kingdom with the drones, I mean the kids. No…

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DevBoard Watch: CY3267 LED Lighting Evaluation Kit

LEDs are a staple of Gadget Master – see, our LED tag for example – and so this one caught my eye.

Cypress Semiconductor is highlighting its CY3267 PowerPSoC LED Lighting Evaluation Kit. Basically it is an “out-of-box evaluation experience” of using the company’s PowerPSoC Main Board, an RGBA…

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