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beagle-board-logo.jpgIt’s not all about the (Atmel AVR-based) Arduino here on Gadget Master, check out the latest (TI OMAP3530-based) BeagleBoard offering, the xM. Available from Digi-Key for $179, the devkit is equipped with 512MB of memory and an ARM Cortex-A8 based processor to run open source office apps such as and Firefox. There is on-board Ethernet and four USB 2.0 ports that support low, full and high speeds. But here’s the hardware spec in full:

  • Super-scalar ARM Cortex-A8
  • 512-MB LPDDR RAM
  • High-speed USB 2.0 OTG port optionally powers the board
  • On-board four-port high-speed USB 2.0 hub with 10/100 Ethernet
  • DVI-D (digital computer monitors and HDTVs)
  • S-video (TV out)
  • Stereo audio out/in
  • High-capacity microSD slot and 4-GB microSD card
  • JTAG
  • Camera port

beagleboard-xm.jpg Consider it a challenge, but the range of possible apps for the BeagleBoard-xM are listed as:

  • Web services
  • 3-D gaming
  • 3-D UI
  • Linux kernel and driver development
  • Boot loaders and firmware
  • UI framework
  • ARM NEON codecs
  • Codec plug-ins for GStreamers
  • OpenGL applications
  • OpenMAX TM IL applications
  • Ubuntu TM , Android TM , MeeGo TM , WinCE TM , QNX TM , Angstrom, Symbian TM , Debian, Gentoo and others
  • Home media centers
  • In-vehicle entertainment
  • Robotics
  • Web kiosks

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