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Electronic Gadget News: Capacitance circuits

Open Source Circuit Design?

Here’s an interesting one to flag – have you come across it already? The website, which is still in ‘beta’, is The people behind it write: was founded in 2012 by Karel Bruneel and Benjamin Schrauwen. After struggling for years to design and teach to…

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Another book for Gadget Masters

Like London buses, you wait a long time for one good book and another shows up straight after. Following on from “62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer by Randy Sarafan”, another worthwhile book has crossed my desk, Basic Electronics for Scientists and Engineers. This is not aimed at…

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Circuits. Circuits. Circuits

It’s still in beta – the Web equivalent of caveat emptor – but check out the emerging new Circuits section on the site. (Click to expand the image on the left) It brings together the existing Circuit Design Ideas section with an alternative, visually-based view on Circuit designs and diagrams…

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Snake + Oil = SnOil

Award-winning designer Martin Frey created a device based on the classic arcade game. As we all know, Snake is an old favourite, where a creature that, funnily enough, resembles a snake is guided around the screen by a user and has to be fed bite-size pieces of “food…

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Don't touch the touchless lightswitch!

It’s a miracle! A lightswitch that doesn’t require touch to operate? What will they think of next! We let the touchless lightswitch’s creator Ryan explain what led him to design the microcontroller-based capacitive sensor device: “I’ve found lately though that capacitive detection doesn’t have…

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