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And the winner is…

black-android-4.0-mk802-mini-pc-wifi-n-tv-box-hd-google-iptv-player-1gb.jpgI’m very pleased to announce the winner of the most recent Gadget Master competition, sponsored by RS Components. Up for grabs was a MK802 Android on a stick media system!

As we always say, thanks to all the people who took part, but there can only be one winner…

[cue drum roll]

… A Mr D Williamson! Congratulations to him, and we will be posting the prize ASAP.

We asked:

The recent Tearing through the gadget Teardowns featured a number of posts related to taking devices apart. But which one has a picture of what looks like a little blue Allen key being used?

The correct answer was: Apple Mac Mini – Teardown

As we always say, stay tuned for the next compo, which will be coming along shortly!

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