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Latest Electronic Gadget News: Computers

A hymn to the hum - serving up music from the cloud

They were drawn towards the Hum Plenty more where they come from. [The Hum, Killing Joke] Apparently each data centre has its own “unique pitch” when it comes to the processing of data, and this has attracted the attention of a musician. He has turned information crunching into electronic music…

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Google's winners of 'Develop for Good Hackathon'

Google has announced the winners of its ‘Google I/O Develop for Good global hackathon’. Apparently, more than 30,000 developers gathered at 350+ I/O Extended events in 172 countries around the world, and they were invited to participate. Well, the search giant says ity has now finished reviewing…

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Winners of the 2012 Google Science Fair

Google has announced the winners of its 2012 Google Science Fair. From thousands of entries from more than 100 countries, it has selected the 15 top projects. The high-powered panel of judges included Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist at Google, and Steve Myers, Director for Accelerators and Technology at…

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Raspberry Pi emulates VAX computers, in a cluster

The power of the Pi… Check out this post on the Design Spark blog about a pair of Raspberry Pi computers emulating VAX computers (MicroVAX 3900 hardware), which can then be configured to form a VMScluster… The Gadget Master behind this, Andrew Back, says the project was just for fun…

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Get your MagPi! Read all about it!

One for sorrow, two for joy… Just a quick post to flag there’s a new issue of MagPi, an interesting looking magazine from the Raspberry Pi guys, featuring highlights and developments around the development board. It’s issue #2 to be precise. Liz, on the Raspberry Pi blog, writes…

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Most read Gadget Master posts in February

So, February has come and (all-but) gone, but before we leap into March, let’s look back and see what has been most interesting to Gadget Masters this month. Everybody loves a good tear-down, so it’s good to see the third-generation Kindle getting the treatment; and…

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Raspberry Pi #0001 goes for £3,500 on eBay

I don’t know if you have been following the Raspberry Pi project – it looks very promising material for Gadget Masters – but a £20 Raspberry Pi computer sold for £3,500 on eBay last night, writes Steve Bush. It is intended to cost under £20 when it goes into production…

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Projects to Make with a Dead Computer

Here’s a good book for all budding Gadget Masters that has only just come to my attention – 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer by Randy Sarafan, who is described as a New Media artist but may be better known to you through his work for the excellent…

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