Most read Gadget Master posts in February

ioio-android-3.jpgSo, February has come and (all-but) gone, but before we leap into March, let’s look back and see what has been most interesting to Gadget Masters this month.

Everybody loves a good tear-down, so it’s good to see the third-generation Kindle getting the treatment; and the IOIO Android breakout board competition’s popularity proves there’s interest among Android enthusiasts … 

1 Tearing down the (3rd Gen) Kindle

2 The IOIO Android breakout board competition

3 Build your own LED cube

4 Keep your property where you can see it

5 Build your own wand based barcode scanner

6 Digital Volt Meters from Santa’s workshop

7 Build your own laser harp

8 Meet Andrew’s blast from the past

9 Create your own Terminator Arm!

10 A DIY Android Gadget Starter Kit

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