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Press the red button, and make it happen!

We wrote about IFTTT recently – If This Then That, a command sequencing app for smartphones – and here it comes in button form. Welcome the

“Simply press the bttn and your Magic Happens” is the slogan. While you may not be able to initiate WWIII with the press of…

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Reusing retired gadgetry for home automation

Thanks to Jimmy C for highlighting this one – Top 10 Ways to Turn Your Retired Gadgetry into the Technology of the Future

Retro technology with a green twist (re-use is always better than recycle). What’s not to like?

For example, #9 is Create a Wireless Internet Radio from…

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Tearing down the Samsung Galaxy S5

It doesn’t take the guys at iFixit long to teardown the latest piece of high-tech kit. The Galaxy S5 – Samsung’s flagship Android-based smartphone – is no exception.

It was first unveiled at Mobile World Congress back in February, but hit UK highstreets 11 April.

Check out their…

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Consumer Electronics Show (CES) - Keep on top of the latest news

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) runs from Tuesday 7 January – Friday 10 January in Las Vegas, showcasing the latest developments and trends in the world of consumer electronics.

There’s an ocean of new announcements, but a lifeboat – in the form of the Electronics Weekly News Roundup - will keep you…

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CES: Wolfson goes wearable

Wolfson Microelectronics is working with audio processing company ComHear to develop chips for the wearable consumer audio applications.

The first product to be released, a Wolfson reference design headset integrates ComHear’s Kinetic Audio Processing (KAP) software onto Wolfson’s WM8280 Audio Hub with ambient noise cancellation (ANC).

The KAP…

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CES: Magellan smart watch runs on Gecko ARM MCU

Magellan has chosen Silicon Labs’ EFM32 Giant Gecko microcontroller for its Echo smart watch, which communicates over Bluetooth Smart to control, be controlled by, and display data from, smartphones.

It is particularly intended for use in sports, where it relies on the user’s iPhone (only certain models) to provide…

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CES: CSR puts aptX at heart of audio home networking

CSR’s VibeHub, to be accompanied by VibePlayers, promises easier support for audio home networking, accommodating a range of inputs or music sources and allowing users to listen to different content in different rooms.

It is based on CSR’s vendor-neutral SyncLock technology, meaning elements of the network don…

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