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Android advances to centre stage

eyes-on-android-newsletter-x80.jpgAhead of the imminent Jan/Feb 2012 compo, let’s have another themed roundup of posts… on Google’s Android platform.

People who follow my other blog, Eyes on Android, will know I maintain a certain interest in all things ‘Droid, and Gadget Master certainly crosses into this territory from time to time.

Here are some posts that touch on – however tangentially – the open source, non-Apple and non-Microsoft platform.

* A DIY Android Gadget Starter Kit

* Android phones hack their way with IOIO breakout

* Musical GPS guides cyclists on their way

* Megapad modding brings Android to the kitchen table

* Make your own way with Android

* Gadget of the Week – Samsung Galaxy Nexus

* Video: Samsung Galaxy Tab teardown

* Tearing down the Motorola Xoom

* Watch out, there’s a new BeagleBoard about


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