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Picture of the Day: LG’s flexible, rollup OLED display

LG rollable display

We’re raiding the News Index for today’s Picture of the Day. Rollup screens is one of those technologies we seem to have been waiting years for. Well, LG is getting close to the goal, judging by the pics…. The displays, with a resolution of 1,200×810 resolution, can apparently be as tightly rolled as to fit around a 60mm cylinder, while ...

Giphoscope, the glorious handmade analog GIF player


Steam Punk seems to have run its course these days, but it still has enough head of steam to make me smile on a Monday morning. Check out the Giphoscope, which seems at first glance to be a wondrous would-be Victorian invention of moving images… Actually, it’s an “analog GIF player handmade in Italy” by Marco Calabrese and Alessandro Scali ...

The first fabric screen-printed watch display?

screen-printed digital watch on fabric

One for our new Student Gadget Meisters section. Is this the world’s-first smart fabric screen-printed electroluminescent watch display? The gadget master in question is Marc de Vos, a third-year student in Electronics and Computer Science, who has developed the fabric device for his Part III Individual Project. According to the university, the watch display is printed directly on to fabric, ...

Video: Water surface becomes interactive touchscreen, via Kinect

water screen

Thanks to designtaxi.com for highlighting this one – water-based touch screens. They are dubbed an “immersive” experience, geddit? Apparently, the University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo has prototyped an interactive touchscreen on the surface of water in a bath. Dorothy Tan writes: Designed to provide digital entertainment during bath time, where users do not have to worry about damaging their smart devices ...

How to build your own 23in Android MegaPad


By chance I found myself back on the blog of one Martin Drashkov, the Gadget Master behind the custom built 23in touchscreen Android tablet, which we featured a couple of years ago – see Megapad modding brings Android to the kitchen table The thing is, I saw that he had since done another post on the Megapad, going into more ...

Touchscreen fingerprint recognition secures access


If I remember correctly it was IBM that lead the way with fingerprint access to PCs back in the 90s… But now the technology is coming to touchscreens, it seems. When you think about it, to recognise touching anywhere on the screen is an order of magnitude more difficult. Paul Marks, of New Scientist, takes up the story of touchscreens ...