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Latest Electronic Gadget News: FPGA

Gameduino spritely takes centre stage

We’ve often sung the praises of the Arduino – see the roundup The many faces of Arduino, for example – but this has never involved the subject of gaming. Well, you can now connect your Arduino system to a VGA monitor and speakers, to enable writing an Arduino sketch to create…

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Gadget Masters, we have a problem!

Enthusiasts Joe and Brad designed a clever, electronically controlled two-stage model rocket powered by a 9V NiCad battery. The heart of the electronic control system consists of a small FPGA with a soft-core processor that runs the control algorithm and logic. It uses a PWM signal from an…

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Speech recognition using FPGA

This is a video demonstration of simple speech recognition using FPGA. The video features a simple speech recognition algorithm implemented on an Altera DE2 board. This was part of a design project course in electrical engineering at McGill University. …

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