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Gadget in-extremis

Gadget in extremis: Gadgets in Space – NASA chooses

send a submarine to Titan’s largest northern sea, Kraken Mare

A robot submarine for exploring the methane oceans of Saturn’s giant moon, Titan, a greenhouse on Mars and a spacecraft that hitches rides on comets to the outer solar system are just three of the far-out ideas NASA is backing in its latest round of funding for the distant future of space exploration. New Scientist’s Jacob Aron takes up the story… ...

Gadget in extremis: LEAF, the killer European sound system

ESA ESTEC Noordwijk

Wow. How about this? Thanks to Engadget for highlighting something custom made for our Gadget-in-extremis category. It’s a sound system so powerful it would kill you to hear it in full force! It’s at the European Space Agency and is the Large European Acoustic Facility (LEAF) that simulates the noise of a rocket launch. The ESA writes: LEAF is an ...

Gadget in Extremis: DIY induction heater


When I was a kid, there were books of things for boys to make and, I kid you not, one included a mains-powered Pb-melting induction furnace complete with transformer winding hints and tips. Sadly, gone are those adventurous days – and probably gladly as I suspect some people who tried it probably got burns for their troubles. Now DON’T TRY ...

Gadget in-extremis: Devising a starship warp drive

NASA - Harold Sonny White

The goal? Nothing less than building a warp drive! To pave the way for rapid interstellar travel, NASA propulsion researcher Harold “Sonny” White plans to manipulate space-time in the lab, reports New Scientist. Anne-Marie Corley interviews Harold “Sonny” White: The idea that nothing can exceed the speed of light limits our interstellar ambitions. How do we get round this? Within ...