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Vote for the Google Impact Challenge

This one may be of interest, the Google Impact Challenge. The company is asking the public to vote for one of ten selected UK projects, all of which are being supported by Google Giving, it’s charity division…

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Google X project - a smart contact lens that can measure glucose levels

Back in January we highlighted this Google X project – a smart contact lens that can measure glucose levels.

At the time we said the originators were looking for partners to help bring it to market, and it seems the Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company Novartis are getting involved…

Apparently, Novartis has…

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How to build your own OLED smartwatch

This is a good one – how to build your own DIY OLED smartwatch (they’re all the rage, even our sceptical Components Editor, David Manners, has been won over by a Galaxy Gear2!)

Check out the work of Jared Sanson, a real Gadget Master. He writes:
It’s taken me…

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All the blogs on Electronics Weekly (as well as News and Products articles) support the use of RSS. The content will come to you as soon as we write it.

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Water-based batteries promise organic charging

Had to mention this one. We’ve just had fire (see Pelty powers Bluetooth speakers with fire), and now here’s water! An eco-friendly, water-based organic battery, to be precise.

Scientists at University Southern California have been working on the new battery forms that use no metals or…

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AR prototype uses infrared cameras and thermal imprints

Check out Thermal Touch from a company called Metaio. The slogan is “Turning your whole world into a touchscreen”.

They combine a thermal camera with a normal camera, and use augmented reality with thermal heat tracking, to turn surfaces into a touchscreen. Anything you can you can touch meaningfully, I…

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Most read Gadget Master posts in May

Gather ye web stats while ye May…

We are already into the month of June, but let’s pause a while to consider which posts have proved the most popular in the month of May.

Topics covered include RioT devboards, EV3 robots, a barcode scanner, and electric go-karts…


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