Converting a Nintendo Game Boy into an Android Gamepad

If you liked your Game Boy of old, check out the work of this gaming Gadget Master bringing it up to Android-date. He writes:

I wanted to play Nintendo emulators on my phone, but did not like the touch screen input. I’ve heard this complaint time and again, all over the ‘net. I’ve seen some great looking commercially produced solutions, but I wanted something more. I wanted to enhance the experience by actually playing on classic Nintendo hardware, and at the same time not having to plug in via USB. Not to mention I love making things.

He adds a phone holder to the Game Boy, which also holds a Wii Remote that controls the phone via Bluetooth, then loads the “wiimote” Wii Controller IME app available on the Google Play App store, and then sets the input method from the Android Keyboard to the wiimote, and then is ready run his Android Nintendo emulator… Enter Donkey Kong!

He was using a Galaxy Nexus, but believes the system can be easily altered to suit any Android phone or tablet.

I like one of the heartfelt comments, below the line, obviously from a devoted Nintendo fan: “Please tell me you used a broken Game Boy“…

(I also notice he now selling them on eBay.)

[Via Instructables via Gizmodo] Tags: Android

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