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Gert Board building in double quick time

If you haven’t heard of a Gert Board, it’s a development add-on for the Raspberry Pi (aka “Raspberry Pi I/O Extension”). Well, check out this (time-lapsed) video of someone building their own, at the double….

GertLapse from Mike Cook on Vimeo.

Mike Cook writes:

Time lapse video of the construction of a Gert Board – an expansion board for the Raspberry Pi. Sadly the surface mount part was lost to a camera malfunction but the rest was as it happens. The shooting rate was 3.25 seconds per frame and played back at 6 frames per second.

According to the book Raspberry Pi User Guide:

Properly termed the Raspberry Pi I/O Extension, the Gertboard is named for its inventor Gert van Loo. An employee of Broadcom and a member of the team that designed the BCM2835 SoC processor at the heart of the Raspberry Pi, van Loo created the Gertboard as a way of unlocking some of the power of the chip hidden by the Pi’s overall design and providing a powerful and versatile platform for electronic tinkering.

A Gert Board is pictured, left.


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