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Most read Gadget Master posts in October

lytro-r.jpgTime once more to ask the question: which have proved the most popular Gadget Master posts among your peers?

The month of October has swiftly passed, but not before we covered the Nokia N9, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, a fax machine, and the CubeStormer II, and there’s a few old favourites, too…

Let’s take it in reverse order:

10. Megapad modding brings Android to the kitchen table

9. Keep your property where you can see it

8. Engaged or vacant? iPotti monitor knows when to go

7. Build your own laser harp

6. Lock up your Rubik’s Cube – CubeStormer II is coming!

5. A Steampunk fax machine?

4. Ultra-bright and ultra-durable LED bicycle lights

3. Build your own LED cube

2. Tearing down the Nokia N9

1. Gadget of the Week – Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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