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Most read Gadget Master posts in August

gadget-master-logo-larger-120.jpgWith Summer behind us, but with an Indian Summer ahead, it’s time once more to see what your peers have been mostly reading, on Gadget Master, in the month of August.

Competition posts, Gadget of the Week and NiMH battery chargers figure prominently, but – in keeping with tradition – we’ll do things in reverse order…

10. Build your own wand based barcode scanner

9. Potato power for organic electric batteries

8. Top Ten Robots You Won’t Believe Exist

7. Antiques Roadshow

6. Cracking open a 15 minute NiMH battery charger

5. Build your own LED cube

4. Dangerous laser pointer? Find out at home

3. Gadget of the Week: Panasonic HDC-SDX1 3D

2. Kodak Zi8 HD video camera competition

1. Musical reprise

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