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Most read Gadget Master posts in November

cobbler-pi.jpgLet us pause a while to consider the most popular posts on the blog in the last calendar month. And yes, it’s that time of year when the “Christmas-tree lights tester” post charts back into action!

Topics covered include: Raspberry Pi, Android, LED cubes and the afore mentioned Christmas-tree lights tester…

Taking it in reverse order, for maximum suspense:

10. Raspberry Pi emulates VAX computers, in a cluster

9. Tearing down the Apple iPad mini

8. The Disintegrator, rubber band gattling gun

7. Build your own wand based barcode scanner

6. Build your own laser harp

5. Keep your property where you can see it

4. Build your own LED cube

3. Simple Christmas-tree lights tester

2. Raspberry Pi competition

1. Raspberry Pi roundup – from Android to eBay

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