Most read Gadget Master posts in January

raspberry-pi-working.jpgThe new year is no longer quite so new – it’s already time to take stock of the first month of 2013. Which posts have been most read by your peers?

Topics covered include: Raspberry Pi, surveillance cameras, the Nintendo GAMECUBE, a Paper-Duino and Android…

Taking it in reverse order, for maximum suspense:

10. Converting a Nintendo Game Boy into an Android

9. A DIY Android Gadget Starter Kit

8. Take it away, Paper-Duino!

7. A portable power supply for Raspberry Pi

6. Modding the Nintendo GAMECUBE into a PC

5. Keep your property where you can see it

4. Build your own laser harp

3. Keep your property where you can see it

2. Tasting Raspberry Pi #2: Up and running…

1. Tasting Raspberry Pi #1: All I wanted for Christmas…

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