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Most read Gadget Master posts in June

top ten generic 260Which posts have proved the most popular in the month of June? Well there’s a nice mix of old and new.

Topics covered include: Arduino-based chess, a Pi-powered Amiga, an electric go-kart, rocking robots and barcode scanners…

As always, taking it in reverse order, for maximum suspense:

10. Arduino powers remote chess moves in (almost) real time

9. Build your own LED cube

8. LED Lumigrids map out cycle terrain

7. Build your own wand based barcode scanner

6. There’ll always be Amiga – enter the Pi powered version

5. Build your own electric kids’ go-kart

4. Google Glass, in disassembled glory

3. Sugru supports Raspberry Pi camera case

2. Rocking robots! From Compressorhead to Z Machines

1. DIY customisable electric skateboard

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