Pufferfish powers self-built Eye of Sauron

This one is a bit creepy, but what a great title for a blog – A boy’s own guide to building a giant creepy eyeball that follows you round the room

Technology Studio, marketing and web development specialists, have blogged about building this striking installation. Actually, it strongly recalls our post Eyeballing for donations with Arduino – check out that beady, staring eye – or even the Steam Punk iPod

The parts list they specify is very brief. In their words:

  •   1 x PC (which I assume you already have)
  •   1 x Microsoft Kinect (about £120)
  •   1 x Puffersphere (worth quite a lot, but you can hire them from Pufferfish)

Having ordered a spherical display system called a Puffersphere, with a “super-special Super Umami lens”, and got to grips with a WPF app and then Microsoft’s Kinnect and the OpenNI framework, they write:

As has been pointed out – not the most ground breaking use of a Kinect ever, but it does show how putting two pieces of technology can be combined to create something new, interesting and – although not immediately apparent – with genuine commercial applications.

For the interested, I’m keeping the code I write for this in the Earthware Github account. You can run this without having a Puffersphere, but you will need a Kinect. I’ll be putting up some more posts in the next few weeks about this and other cool and useful things we do with the sphere and Kinect.

(Unfortunately, that link to the code is now a 404, and  can’t see an alternative.)

Following Engadget picking up this story, a number of their readers suggested an Eye of Sauron version (!) and the guys and gals at Technology Studio have obliged:

IMHO this is actually a less creepy version!

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