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Latest Electronic Gadget News: Japan

String robot pulls on your heart

Following on from the recent Top Ten Robots You Won’t Believe Exist, this one caught my eye over the weekend. One for the Robot Watch category (one day, they will take over the world…

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Dexter - The high-speed robot hand

We like robots on Gadget Master, and this robot hand is particularly impressive for high-speed manipulations. The video is of a Ishikawa Komuro Lab robot hand, demonstrating “Skilful manipulation based on high-speed robotic systems”. It can throw objects. It can twirl a pencil twixt its three digits. It…

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Crawling giant beetle robot!

Wow! This is amazing. Apparently dubbed the Kabutom MX-03, this giant “robot” weighs 15-tons, but can be driven from a cockpit or by remote control. Thanks to TechEBlog for this one…

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Cycling robot survives s-curve balance beam

UPDATED – See also: Video – Murata Girl unicyclist balances the beam A good one for a Friday afternoon – ‘Murata Boy’ in action, one of the highlights from the show floor of Electronica 2008. We’ve highlighted it as part of our Electronica Roundup, but it’s worthy of a post to…

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Is the future of computing going pen-shaped?

This friends could be the future… and it comes from 2003! A friend told me last week about plans he had seen for an entire computer confined to five pen-shaped objects. With mobile phone functionality, too. At first I didn’t believe him. I could see how most of…

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Japanese gadget translates baby talk

We found this Japanese baby translator in one of the ancient vaults on the Internet, so please indulge us as we walk down memory lane. And life really does seem to imitate art, if this gadget from Japan is any indication. Remember that episode of the Simpsons where Homer discovers…

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