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Light flashers/blinkers

Build your own LED cube


This month's featured Gadget Master is provided by an old a favourite of the blog, Peter Griffiths. He has provuided all thde details necessary to build your own 5 x 5 LED cube. Construct your own programmed light display.

Lights, camera … staircase!


From Alan Parekh’s tome of knowledge, comes the stair lighting kit. The lighting control unit is microcontroller based, so a self-contained computer controls the device. The stair lights are connected to the control unit and an Infrared transmitter and receiver are utilised at the top and bottom of the staircase to generate a beam of invisible light. When a person ...

Bill loved riding his bike at night


That’s why he created a 40-LED night light to make sure he could see and be seen on his bike. Bill set up a 555 timer IC to generate a continuous on/off timing cycle to alternatively flash two groups of 20 LEDs. His night light operates on four AA batteries, which will keep the road ahead nice and bright, even ...

Ring ring ring goes the telephone light flasher


If there’s one thing we hate more than track work on the Victoria line, it’s not being able to hear the damn phone when it’s ringing. (Admittedly, this is probably due to years of listening to music at deafening levels. Yes, we are those people you hate on the tube who play their iPod so loud you can hear the ...