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Electronic Gadget News: Light flashers/blinkers

Gadget Master hand crafts particle accelerator!

Full marks to this project for an attention grabbing title – a handmade particle accelerator. They’re looking for the Higgs boson particle down in the LHC near Geneva, but recently a more modestly crafted particle accelerator was displayed at a Milanese department store, as part of Milan Design Week. The…

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MonkeyLectric Video Pro LED bike wheel display

We flagged this one before – SpikePOV – Bicycle LED persistence of vision – with SpokePOV, or “persistence of vision for your bike”, being a way to have a bit of fun driving LED lights to improve your bike’s visibility. Well here’s another great video of the system in action, featuring…

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Peggy 2 LED array becomes animated video

Back to In the (LED) light >> Peggy 2, I love you… Thanks to our technology Editor, Steve Bush, for flagging this one. It dovetails nicely with our recent Build your own LED Cube post, and involves the programming of a colour LED array. A Peggy 2 LED matrix…

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Build your own LED cube

Back to In the (LED) light >> This month’s featured Gadget Master is provided by an old favourite of the blog, Peter Griffiths. He shares all the details necessary to build your own 5 x 5 LED cube. Construct your own programmed light display Once again, the project…

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Peter plots an LED UFO chaser

Peter Griffiths – the man who made a lamp into a work of art and turned to LEDs for F1 gantry start-lights – returns with some LED chasing. This neat little circuit provides 8 LEDs directly driven from the PIC along with a single mode control switch. The firmware described drives…

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LED lighting and voltage boosting

Thanks to Made By Monkeys for highlighting this one – involving a dual-purpose torch / bicycle-light that was eating NiMH cells pretty fast… Blogger ‘Le Magicien’ got to work, modding the device. He writes: I like this torch a lot but… the incandescent bulb eats the NiMH cells pretty fast…

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Hans' Nixie clock takes a step back in time

Return to Time is slipping away Back in the days of the Berlin Wall, these Nixie tubes were manufactured by a now long-forgotten company. Fast forward to the twenty-first century, and Hans Summers found them stocked by an antique electronics part company. Originally painted red, the coating from…

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Simple Christmas-tree lights tester

Why is that you always test 48 bulbs before you find the bad one in a 50-light string? This simple circuit allows you to divide and conquer, greatly reducing the time it takes to find the bad bulb…

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