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All power to the Lightie solar bottle LED light

Here on Gadget Master lo-fi is fine and dandy, so thanks to Sue P for highlighting the Lightie, the solar bottle light – a solar-powered light that fits inside a standard fizzy pop bottle.

Gizmag describes it as a “small light with big ambitions”.

Its noble aim is to…

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Nixie tube powered chess

Nixie tubes always catch my eye – see here, here and here, for example – so how about this one? Nixie Tube Chess!

Rather than the usual clock dimension, these enthusiasts pursued a more cerebral challenge, using “real ex-Soviet” nixie tubes for the pieces.

To be honest, maybe Nixie Draughts would…

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Most read Gadget Master posts in February

So, February has come and (all-but) gone, but before we leap into March, let’s look back and see what has been most interesting to Gadget Masters this month. Everybody loves a good tear-down, so it’s good to see the third-generation Kindle getting the treatment; and…

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LED Wizard calculates resistors and draws schematics

Here is an excellent resource, certainly worth bookmarking if you are creating your own LED lighting systems – the LED series/parallel array wizard. It describes itself: The LED series/parallel array wizard is a calculator that will help you design large arrays of LEDs. The LED calculator was great for…

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Remain in (LED) light

LED-related projects always prove popular on Gadget Master, so time for a roundup of posts on this topic. It is actually our second roundup of LED posts, after this entry from September last year – In the LED Light, but here are some more recent ones…

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Arduino accelerometer hikes bike safety with LED brake lights

As mentioned in LED Lightlane increases bicycle safety at night we like combinations of LEDs and bicycling on Gadget Master… Here is another example, drawn to our attention by Electronics Weekly’s Technology Editor, Steve Bush. It is the Arduino-based BEBL (Bar End Brake Light). Essentially, it is another…

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LED lighting and thermal design...

Time to highlight another video blog post from Dave Jones’ excellent Electronics Engineering Video Blog.

Check out this one on solid state LED lighting. It started as a straightforward project to provide illumination for Dave’s outdoor deck, at his home.

He anticipates that 16 Cree XLamp XP-Gs will…

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Robo lamps light up your workspace

You’ve got to love these – cute looking “robolamps”. Made by Croatian artist Robert Matysiak from common or garden plumbing supplies, along with what is apparently his trademark, the green lightbulb. Thanks to PocketLint for flagging these (check out the range of different roboto styles), but there is more on…

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