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Electronic Gadget News: Microcontrollers

PIC-based Derbot AGVs face navigation challenge

This one tickled my fancy, and may be worth Gadget Masters checking out. On the Universities Research blog we wrote about a robot challenge that takes place at the University of Derby. See University of Derby sets robots a racing Specifically, the Derbot design is based around either a PIC…

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Sitara powers Mindstorms EV3 robotics

We’ve featured the powerful Mindstorms a number of times on Gadget Master – see Whipping up a (programmable Lego) Mindstorm – but the Lego system is getting even more umpf. TI’s Sitara AM1808 processor has been selected to power the EV3 robotics platform that is now available. Basically, the MPU…

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Mindstorms powers Time Twister Lego clock

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s Time Twister 2… Clocks are a recurring theme on Gadget Master – check out the Pong clock, the Worduino word clock, the hard drive clock and the Nixie clock, for example – and here is a new Lego-based, Mindstorms-powered variant. Its creator, Hans Andersson, has…

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Skubey Skubey Radio!

Inside the Skube from Andrew Nip on Vimeo. Check out this example of Arduino powering a new style, social radio – a “Skube”. This is a music player that “allows you to discover and share music and facilitates the decision process of picking tracks when in a communal setting,” according to…

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How to build a robotic guide dog

It’s always great to hear about readers’ projects, and the details of Gadget Master work in progress, so thanks to Tom for recently sharing his work with us. It involves a school electronics project to build a prototype robotic guide dog, no less! Check out details of Tom’s…

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Video: The Four-bit Maze challenge, via Arduino

This is a good one, from Gadget Master Oskar van Deventer. He had a vision for a mechanical or electronic puzzle without a screen and without lights, purely tactile and purely mechanical…

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Raspberry Pi #0001 goes for £3,500 on eBay

I don’t know if you have been following the Raspberry Pi project – it looks very promising material for Gadget Masters – but a £20 Raspberry Pi computer sold for £3,500 on eBay last night, writes Steve Bush. It is intended to cost under £20 when it goes into production…

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How to build a whistle-activated light switch

This is a good project – building a whistle-activated light switch. Hold a note to turn it on, and whistle again to turn it off! Check out the website of Luke Allen, a US Navy officer, where he details the project – Whistle-activated switch – and provides circuit diagrams, C code…

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