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Measure the accuracy of Andy’s Android-friendly frequency counter

nanocounter action

Head over to Andy Workshop for a wealth of Gadget Master material, including how he built his own frequency counter (originally looking for a simple tool for another project, he was side-tracked into building one himself). Thus began the “Nanocounter” (see right). “I somehow managed to persuade myself that it’d be a fun and educational project to design and build a ...

PIC-based Derbot AGVs face navigation challenge


This one tickled my fancy, and may be worth Gadget Masters checking out. On the Universities Research blog we wrote about a robot challenge that takes place at the University of Derby. Specifically, the Derbot design is based around either a PIC 16F873A, 18F242 or 18F2420, with DC motors driven by PWM, and I2C bus for expansion. Tim Wilmshurst, University ...

Sitara powers Mindstorms EV3 robotics

Lego Mindstorms EV3 platform

We’ve featured the powerful Mindstorms a number of times on Gadget Master but the Lego system is getting even more umpf. TI’s Sitara AM1808 processor has been selected to power the EV3 robotics platform that is now available. Basically, the MPU will be controlling the motors, monitor sensors and run Linux. Additionally, says TI, the brick contains the company’s CC2560 Bluetooth ...

Skubey Skubey Radio!

Check out this example of Arduino powering a new style, social radio - a "Skube". This is a music player that "allows you to discover and share music and facilitates the decision process of picking tracks when in a communal setting," according to its creators (Andrew Nip, Ruben van der Vleuten, Malthe Borch, and Andrew Spitz).