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Mindstorms powers Time Twister Lego clock

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s Time Twister 2

Clocks are a recurring theme on Gadget Master – check out the Pong clock, the Worduino word clock, the hard drive clock and the Nixie clock, for example – and here is a new Lego-based, Mindstorms-powered variant.

Its creator, Hans Andersson, has improved his first version, which we covered, with a bigger and better Horological masterpiece. Time Twister version 2.

time-twister-2.jpgHe writes:

Each digit is made up of seven segments which are connected in a chain. The connections are made in such a way that a segment can be rotated 180 degrees before the next segment is affected.

By rotating the first segment a specific number of turns you can set the last segment in desired position. Then by rotating the first segment in the opposite direction a specific number of turns you can set the second last segment. By rotating alternately in one direction and the opposite direction, you can set all seven segments of a digit using only a single motor.

The specifications are:
    Movement:  Two LEGO Mindstorms NXT Intelligent Bricks. Five Servo Motors.

    Width:  117 cm (46 inches)

    Height:  46 cm (18 inches)

    Weight:  8 kg (17 lb)

    Alarm:  Yes, constantly

Check out the rest of Hans’s blog, highlighting his Mindstorm robots – Tilted Twister.

[Via TechnaBob]


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