Modding the Nintendo GAMECUBE into a PC

gamecube-old.gifIt’s not a new concept taking an existing object and modifying it into something new, particularly with games consoles. For instance it didn’t people long to channel the power of the PS3 into a Linux based PC or, more recently, an old NES into an alarm clock.

It then comes as no surprise that someone has taken a shot at modifying an old GAMECUBE and it has to be said they’ve done rather a good job.

Dubbed the Picocube, the fabled Nintendo machine now sports a tiny Pico-ITX motherboard (100mm x 75mm), 100GB of SATA hard disk space, 1GB of RAM, two USB ports and a VGA port!

By modern standards the specs aren’t bind-blowing however it makes little work of running the modified Ubuntu 8.04 OS and the machine even shows the signs of a slot-loading CD/DVD drive across its facade.

Many would question the idea of using an old GAMECUBE shell for a PC, the design is small, cramped inside and not desperately good-looking. However in a world where sleek styling is at the very front of the modern computer market, one particular Nintendo fan has done his utmost to bend the rules and create something totally unique.

Thanks to Alex for the project and the info at WiiDS Podcast. You can view photos of the Picocube on Flickr.

Tom Wilson

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