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Electronic Gadget News: Power circuits

Rub to charge, with a sheet of teflon

Here’s an interesting one highlighted by New Scientist. Disney Researchers are building what they call “Paper Generators” creating simple interactivity via energy harvesting Basically, rubbing a conductive sheet with teflon creates a voltage, and basic interactions – such as displaying images, simple animations and lighting LEDs – can be supported. Possible…

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Open Source Circuit Design?

Here’s an interesting one to flag – have you come across it already? The website, which is still in ‘beta’, is The people behind it write: was founded in 2012 by Karel Bruneel and Benjamin Schrauwen. After struggling for years to design and teach to…

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A portable power supply for Raspberry Pi

Six for gold… Check out the latest release of the excellent MagPi. Issue six, for example, covers untethering your Pi with a portable power supply. The article by John Ellerington begins: There are plenty of interesting projects that require your Pi to be untethered from its mains power supply , or…

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How to control power LEDs

Thanks to our Technology Editor, Steve Bush for flagging this one. Dr Matthew Ford of Forward Computing and Control in Australia has put up an excellent tutorial on controlling power LEDs using an Atmel Tiny AVR microcontroller. The webpage goes through both hardware and software step-by-step, with lots…

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An unbreakable Power Transistor?

Semiconductor company NXP is walking the walk with its 1.2kW BLF578XR radio frequency power transistor. These things go into powerful radio sources, and there was a time when any slip-up meant bye-bye component. So turn the power on with no load, or jiggle the aerial connector, and…

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Another book for Gadget Masters

Like London buses, you wait a long time for one good book and another shows up straight after. Following on from “62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer by Randy Sarafan”, another worthwhile book has crossed my desk, Basic Electronics for Scientists and Engineers. This is not aimed at…

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Potato power for organic electric batteries

Here’s a story that caught Gadget Master’s ever-roving eye – Potato Power – “Potato Batteries for Use in the Developing World” A company is investigating using boiled potatoes to provide a green and inexpensive answer to the low power energy needs in third-world areas, lacking access to electrical…

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Cracking open a 15 minute NiMH battery charger

Here is a great site for Gadget Masters – check out Dave Jones’ Electronics Engineering Video Blog. There’s a wealth of video content that Dave is sharing. As well as tutorials there are also product reviews, teardowns, and general investigations. For example, in this video Dave cracks open the Varta…

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