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Latest Electronic Gadget News: Radio

Low-cost drone that's ready to fly

I see that Julian Horsey on his Geeky Gadgets blog has had the spotter cameras out and found an inexpensive flying drone to keep an eye on things. The camera drone is called the Eye3 and it has been designed by Kellie Sigler as “a professional quality yet affordable” camera…

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New music into old radios - build your own AM transmitter

On another blog, a reader recommended a post in a blog by homo ludens electronicus – and what a blog it is! – see Power Inverter has more than a screw loose Well, there’s plenty more there to highlight to Gadget Masters. Take for example his detailing of a project to…

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Dial a car to start up its engine

‘I’m a car starter. A cellphone car starter…’ With a mobile phone-based car-starting device we are continuing a theme here – back in January we highlighted the work of Gadget Master Alvaro, who wanted to take control of his gadgets, via an SMS Remote Controller. See Taking texting…

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Hans knows the truth is out there

You never know what radio signals you might pick up if you just stop and listen. That’s why Hans built a simple and tiny receiver capable of detecting QRSS (extreme slow speed continuous wave) transmissions on a fixed frequency, such as 10.14MHz. The device is powered by a…

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