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Space, Pluto, RF comms and IoT…


Just a quick post to flag some very interesting, but very detailed, content on RF comms and the Internet of Things. The engineer Bill Marshall puts RF comms in the context of recent space exploration, with the New Horizons probe having passed Pluto and communicated some pictures and sensor data all the way back to earth. In two parts, on ...

Dial a car to start up its engine


Thanks to Engadget for highlighting this $10 DIY device made by Dave, as a possible alternative much more expensive car-starter systems, like Viper. It's interesting, but falls into the 'Don't Try This At Home' category!

Hans knows the truth is out there

Hans knows the truth is out there

You never know what radio signals you might pick up if you just stop and listen. That’s why Hans built a simple and tiny receiver capable of detecting QRSS (extreme slow speed continuous wave) transmissions on a fixed frequency, such as 10.14MHz. The device is powered by a computer’s USB port and the audio output feeds into the PC’s sound ...