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Head-mounted video system runs on Linux


This one caught my eye recently. Call it what you will – telepresence, augmented reality or head-mounted computing – this headset with connected video source is a home-brewed Linux-based system.

Thanks to Engadget (and Hack A Day) for flagging this one, and kudos to one Pascal Brisset for building the device.

The open source system is apparently based around a Gumstix Overo Fire computer-on-module, the website reports. It uses a Vuzix VR920 head-mounted stereoscopic display, WiFi, and Bluetooth modules.

The 640 x 480 display apparently comes complete with 3D tilt sensor and 3D magnetic compass.

Engadget writes:

In order to implement his design, Pascal had to design and custom manufacture a digital-to-analog video converter board using direct-to-PCB inkjet printing. As Hack A Day notes, one can easily question the wisdom of “a pair of microwave transceivers and a LiPo battery strapped directly over one’s eyes and brain,” but that’s the price of progress, right?

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