Break out with the Raspberry Pi Cobblers

cobbler-pi.jpgHere’s another excellent post off the Design Spark blog involving the Raspberry Pi device. Check out – Cobbling together a Pi Cobbler – where “cpswan” shows how to incorporate a Pi onto breadboard-based developments…

He begins:

Today saw the launch of the Raspberry Pi Cobbler, a kit to attach your Pi to a breadboard. It looks great, but I won’t be buying one as I made my own over the weekend.

Simple in theory, but he takes you through two complications – being able to manage the ribbon cable connection, and the fact that the stripboard track can’t be cut with a normal cutter…

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So this is the home-brewed version, but you can see the Adafruit Pi Cobbler Kit below. For prototyping, it aims to help you break out “all those tasty power, GPIO, I2C and SPI pins from the 26 pin header onto a solderless breadboard”.

The Pi Cobbler mini kit comes with a 26 pin ribbon cable, a custom PCB, ribbon cable socket and header pins. A little soldering is required to put it together but its really easy, even a beginner can do it in 15 minutes! Once soldered together, the cable plugs between the Pi computer and the Cobbler breakout. The Cobbler can plug into any solderless breadboard (or even a prototyping board like the PermaProto). The Cobbler PCB has all the pins labeled nicely so you can go forth and build circuits without keeping a pin-out printout at your desk. We think this will make it more fun to expand the Pi and build custom circuitry with it.

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