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A MOOC in Gadget Mastership?

I think it’s fair to say a Gadget Master could be characterised as having an open and inquisitive mind, or maybe you might just want some official acknowledgement of your existing expertise or experience, in the form of a course certificate… Anyway, I think this one is worth highlighting…

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Another MagPi leaves the nest

Five for silver… Just a quick post to flag there is another issue, just out, of the excellent Raspberry Pi magazine, MagPi. It’s number five. The Raspberry Pi team write: This issue has a page from the Raspithon team about their 48-hour coding marathon; a new electronics project…

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Video: Hand soldering tutorials, Australian style

We’ve highlighted the Ben Heck Video Shows recently, but don’t forget the Electronics Engineering Video Blog, hosted by Dave Jones. We previously highlighted his pieces on a project to provide illumination for his outdoor deck and tearing down a NiMH battery charger. See LED lighting and thermal design…

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Arduino angled devkit for USB 2.0 platforms

A news story for Gadget Masters to note, from interface chip supplier Future Technology Devices International (FTDI). The company is tapping in to the Arduino open-source community to simplify the design of USB 2.0 interfaces in embedded systems – it has introduced a development kit for its Vinculo USB…

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Projects to Make with a Dead Computer

Here’s a good book for all budding Gadget Masters that has only just come to my attention – 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer by Randy Sarafan, who is described as a New Media artist but may be better known to you through his work for the excellent…

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Fold your own resistor value colour wheel

Thanks to reader Alan Metcalfe for bringing this to Gadget Master’s attention. He describes it as “a simple Mr Spock circular (resistor) calculator, to cut-out and make”. The Resistor Code Calculator is on, where its creator describes it as “Paper engineering meets electronic engineering”! Like it…

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Build your own electric kids' go-kart

One of the most popular posts on Gadget Master, over the years, has been Neuroti-Kart: Home-made electric go-kart”An exciting way for electrical engineers the world over to annoy their neighbours on a quiet Sunday morning,” we said. Well, here’s a great resource in a similar…

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LED Wizard calculates resistors and draws schematics

Here is an excellent resource, certainly worth bookmarking if you are creating your own LED lighting systems – the LED series/parallel array wizard. It describes itself: The LED series/parallel array wizard is a calculator that will help you design large arrays of LEDs. The LED calculator was great for…

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