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Build your own electric kids’ go-kart

1500w-diy-electric-kart.jpgOne of the most popular posts on Gadget Master, over the years, has been Neuroti-Kart: Home-made electric go-kart

“An exciting way for electrical engineers the world over to annoy their neighbours on a quiet Sunday morning,” we said.

Well, here’s a great resource in a similar vein – a site dedicated to “built-for-fun electric vehicles”. Electric go karts, to you and me. See

It’s a hobbyist engineering site and covers a whole range of designs and vehicle types.  For example there are “1500W DIY Electric Karts“, “Double drive motor 500W electric kids’ go-karts“, and a “Simple kids’ trike“. Or even a “veteran” style 3/4 scale single seater Voiturette! (pictured below)

voiturette.jpgThe site also breaks down the info on part types, for example grouping info on:

  • Electric Motors
  • Speed Controllers
  • Batteries
  • Adhesives
  • Ball & Sockets Joints
  • Bearings
  • Gears
  • Chains & Sprockets
  • Shaft Collars
  • Shaft Steel

As well as detailed plans and images, there are also videos available, and a Simple Vehicle Power Calculator. So much information!

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