Electronic spot-welding device for modelling

spot-welding.jpgThanks to Francesco for this one, he highlights a specially developed spot-welding device:

“This electronic spot-welding device has been specially developed for producing assemblies from steel wire,” he writes. “The point where the wires meet is fixed together using a pair of pliers whose tips take the form of welding contacts; when the start switch is pressed, the joint is firmly welded together. During the welding process a current of up to 2500 A flows through the contacts for a few thousands of a second.”

Input voltage: 230 V
Output voltage: max. 24 V
Welding power graduations: min.; mid.; max. (18/21/24 V)
Welding output: max. 2500 A at 24 V
Welding plier connections: solid screw-clamps
Main case dimensions: 170 x 120 x 80 / 60 mm LED ready/operating indicator

Recommended steel wire for welded constructions

Diameter: 1 mm Ø
Length: 1000 mm

You can read more (in Italian) on Francesco’s HobbyMedia website


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  1. Stuart Wall
    January 04, 2010 16:19

    Where would we go to purchase this device or find more information about it?

  2. June 30, 2009 22:26

    Nice electronic spot-welding device….

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