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Latest Electronic Gadget News: Robots

Autonomous robot responds to colour recognition

I’ve meant to flag this one for a while: a colour detecting robot based on NI hardware. To be precise, it’s an autonomous four-wheel robot that can do colour recognition in real-time, using the myRio system and LabVIEW’s Vision toolkit…

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LabVIEW gets to grips with LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robots

Mindstorms isn’t a stranger to long-time Gadget Master readers – we have covered it a number of times, see for example Whipping up a (programmable Lego) Mindstorm. Well, National Instruments has announced that its powerful design software, LabVIEW, is now fully compatible with LEGO Mindstorms EV3. The LabVIEW Module…

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Cubestormer 3 robot breaks Rubik’s Cube world speed record

A robot designed by an engineer from ARM has broken the world speed record for solving a Rubik’s Cube at the Big Bang Fair at the weekend, writes Steve Bush. The Cubestormer 3 robot recorded a time of 3.253 seconds at the UK science fair in Birmingham. It…

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Perfect rock-paper-scissors robot signals future automation

Check out this Japanese research involving the perfect rock-paper-scissors robot. Its creators call it a “janken” and demonstrate a 100% winning rate, as just one example of “human-machine cooperation systems”. Of course, impressive as the work is, it is actually cheating – reading the opponents play and then…

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Robo Boogie Codey

One for budding Gadget Masters… We’ve written about Code Club before, it’s a nationwide volunteer project to teach programming to 9-11 year-olds in after-school clubs. Well, it’s now launching a nationwide search for the UK’s ‘grooviest’ young coder. The ‘Robo-Boogie’ compo aims…

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Video: Biomimetic 3D printed robot sprawls under doors

Thanks to Sue P for highlighting this one – it’s a little gem of a creation: a biomimetic 3D printed robot that can limber itself under doors (it can “control its sprawl angle”). Not only can it lower itself, it can cope with falling off surfaces by auto-righting itself…

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Enter Botbait, the weird elephant tentacle mechanism robot thing with eyes

Thanks to the Sugru people for flagging this one, which I meant to write about last week. They highlight the work of the exemplary Gadget Master that is Erin RobotGrrll, who creates “robots with personality”. Her achievements already include winning the MakerFaire NYC Editors Choice Award and crowd-funding a…

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Video: WaterColorBot paints its way to existence

Robots, eh? They may one day enslave us humans with their tireless and indefatigable strength and logic (hurling cinder blocks at us when angry), but they will never capture the essence of our existence and create art. Will they? Enter the “Water colour Robot”. They are not the colour of…

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