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Latest Electronic Gadget News: Sensors

Nymi biometric wristband authenticates your identity

The latest iPhone features a biometric Home button, to help the device quickly authorise your access, but of course it is not the first gadget to go down this route. New Scientist has highlighted another device that uses biometric information to save you remembering multiple passwords and the like. But…

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TouchKeys electronic piano plays by sensors

It was only a few months ago that we highlighted the O-Bow, an electronic violin that plays by sensors – many different sound effects can be created and manipulated (for example, rotating the bow to create a vibrato effect). Well, here comes the TouchKeys piano. Whereas the first instrument was…

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Playing an AirHarp, Leap Motion-style

We’ve had a laser harp, now check out the AirHarp! It’s made possible by Leap, a gestural control device from Leap Motion. It’s a small box, measuring just 8 centimetres in width, but it contains infrared cameras to track each finger independently, to an accuracy of 1…

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Working Star Trek Tricorder seeks crowdfunding

What is it about the Tricordeer that has inveigled its way so well into the public consciousness? We’ve covered the “Star Trek device” a couple of times before on Gadget Master (see Design a Tricorder, win $10 million and Star Trek gizmos, The Collection), but here it comes again…

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Singing in the rain with an Arduino umbrella

8 bit Umbrella from E.D.K. on Vimeo. Here’s a good one, involving an Arduino board.An umbrella that sings in the rain has been demonstrated by Alice Zappe and Julia Lager of Berlin. They taped piezoelectric sensors to the underside of an umbrella and connected them to…

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Makey Makey circuit board turns objects into computer keys

This is a nice one to share with Gadget Masters, from our sister site New Scientist – DIY circuit turns your alphabet soup into a keyboard Jacob Aron writes about some wizardry from MIT: Ever wanted to move Pac-Man using pencil drawings, make music with bananas or type an email…

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Breathing on the IOIO board for an Android Breathalyser

Here’s a nice example of what you can do with the IOIO Android-friendly breakout board that we’ve featured previously. It’s a DIY Android Breathalyser. It’s still in prototype form, but is shown working in cable-less form, courtesy of Bluetooth. Note you would need a…

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DIY Geiger counter smartphone app helps measure radiation

Out of awful events sometimes the better side of human nature emerges… We previously highlighted – see How to build your own Geiger Counter – the work of some engineers at Libelium, a wireless sensor network company, to help the people of Japan, around Fukushima, determine levels of radiation for themselves. Well…

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