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Picture of the Day: Samsung Curved OLED TV

Time for another Pic of the Day, and its another TV from South Korea (Samsung this time, not LG). How about an immersive viewing experience that also promises to reduce eye fatigue?

According to Samsung, its 55-in Curved OLED TV promises “a whole new way to experience television”, featuring…

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Picture of the Day: USB drive works as AA battery

It may not be rocket science but it’s neat and it caught my eye today on… The dual-functionality USBCell. It only does two things, but they are important things…

The company behind it, Moixa Energy, writes:
With over 15 billion batteries needlessly thrown away each year…

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Picture of the Day: PiRack connects multiple IO boards to the Raspberry Pi

element14, in collaboration with Dr Andrew Robinson (creator of PiFace Digital), is launching PiRack, a carrier card allowing users to connect multiple I/O boards, including Embedded Pi and PiFace Digital to the Raspberry Pi (via its GPIO connector).

They write:
PiRack’s ability to connect up to four expansion…

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