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Gadget Watch: Apple iPhone 5S

Why are we showing a close up of a button? Because, of course, it is the new styled Home button, on the iPhone 5S unveiled last night at the company’s Cupertino HQ. A biometric button, no less. Apple writes:
And now we’ve taken touch to the next logical…

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iPad gets telephoto lens

I often think I don’t write about striking new gadgets enough in Gadget Master (!) and here’s one to file under pure-play “Gadget” (no home build or customisation here). But I’m not quite sure what to think about it – it’s a telephoto lens add-on for…

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Siri, adjust the thermostat

This is a good one about Apple’s voice controlled assistant, Siri, the new software installed on the iPhone 4S. It’s from our sister site New Scientist – Siri hack lets you adjust thermostat with your voice

Jacob Aron writes that Siri already sends emails, checks the weather and performs…

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Greenpeace no fan of iPhone

The jolly green giant Greenpeace has slammed Apple, stating that the electronics giant has manufactured the iPhone with harmful substances. In an “independent” scientific analysis commissioned by Greenpeace, half of 18 components tested were found to contain brominated compounds. Do you have any idea what bromine is? Neither do we…

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iPhone to reach UK in November

One of the most hyped products in recent years, the Apple iPhone, is set to reach British shores in November.

This week Apple head honcho Steve Jobs confirmed UK customers will be able to get their hands on the device that contains everything but the kitchen sink.

Speaking to the…

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