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Arduino Wi-Fi Shield 101 targets IoT via secured Wi-Fi

One for those of the Arduino persuasion… Welcome the Arduino Wi-Fi Shield 101 and its support for secure Wi-Fi connectivity, designed for the prototyping of Internet of Things (IoT) applications based on the Arduino platform…

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DuinoKit Essential Project is a briefcase full of learning

Here’s a good one – an Arduino based project to help the teaching of electronics and programming. The DuinoKit Essential Project (DEP) is a briefcase full of learning!

It’s fresh on KickStarter, the crowdfunding site for getting project ideas off the ground.

The man behind it is a maths…

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Arduino to donate $30k, and it’s open to suggestions

Arduino is generously donating $30,000 to promote open source culture and innovation, and it’s looking to involve the wider community to help select 10 projects that could benefit from the support.
Arduino is based on the contribution of many other open source projects. Arduino is grateful to these…

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Happy Birthday Arduino!

Now you are ten…

Saturday 29th March marks the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Arduino board, the open-source hardware designed around an Atmel MCU. And to mark the occasion, the people behind it are marking Arduino Day.

“Arduino invites all Arduino user groups, makerspaces, hackerspaces, fablabs, associations…

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Crowdfunding Watch: Arduino OLED, Wireless in-ear headphones, Sensor shields

Let’s continue our series looking at some of the good projects surfacing via crowdfunding, on sites like KickStarter. You never know, you may be tempted to contribute, and help make something happen…


The MicroView is described as the first chip-sized Arduino compatible OLED display that lets you…

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Arduino gets a Bluetooth Smart dev kit

Ahead of Embedded World things are getting busy on the development board front. As well as Intel apparently squeezing an x86 devkit onto an SD Card, Arduino is getting a Bluetooth Smart dev kit from Nordic Semiconductor, writes Steve Bush.

The SDK is compatible with a range of Arduino, ChipKIT…

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Raspberry Pi becomes a complete computer, with Arduino

There could be a new single-box computer out there if this Raspberry Pi project on Kickstarter comes through.

Folks at a company called GeekRoo had the idea of fitting all the messy bits needed to run a Raspberry Pi, including the Pi and lots more, into one neat box…

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Poll: Which development board are you using?

Let’s run a quick devkit popularity poll. It’s an obvious question to ask on Gadget Master – which, if any, development board are you using?

We’ve written about an Arduino add-on today – see the Pixy vision sensor add-on – but of course there are also all the…

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MagPi and Not-one-but-many Arcade Machine Emulators

We always flag the latest issue of MagPi, the magazine devoted to the popular dev board… and the August issue is out.

What’s in issue #15? There’s a look at using Nanpy to connect your Raspberry Pi to An Arduino, there’s Part 2 “Advanced Operation” of the…

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