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Gadget Book: BeagleBone Robotic Projects

BeagleBone Robotic Projects book

Anything to do with BeagleBone catches my interest, so I’m happy to flag this one – a new book that may be of interest to Gadget Masters:  BeagleBone Robotic Projects, written by Richard Grimmett. The publishers write: BeagleBone Robotic Projects provides step-by-step instructions to allow anyone to use this new, low cost platform in some fascinating robotics projects. By the time readers ...

BB View resistive touch-screen display capes for BeagleBone

BB View

It’s not all about the Raspberry Pi. We know the BeagleBone dev board is hugely popular on the site, so this one is worth noting. Farnell element14 is selling a couple of resistive touch-screen display expansion capes, dubbed BB View, for the BeagleBone family. The LCD expansion capes are available in two display sizes – 4.3-inch and 7-inch – and ...

BeagleBone Black swishes its cape

BeagleBone Black

Gadget Masters must be interested in the new BeageleBoard, the BeagleBone Black. Whereas the BeagleBoard and BeagleBoard xM were more like a desktop computer, the BeagleBone was a little bit more focussed on makers and robotics, Jason Kridner, Beagle guru at TI, told Electronics Weekly. Now, with the BeagleBone Black, Texas Instruments has squeezed the video and much of the ...